AboutThe Client

“There’s nothing I/you/we can do to change that.” How many times have you heard something like this while trying to explain about the problems and injustices happening around us? How many times have you felt frustrated knowing that there are so many intelligent and educated people with a lot of potentials simply refusing to believe that they can make any difference?
We were in those situations countless times, and that is what connected us, Trim Tabs of the world. “We are Trim Tabs” is a community that gathers individuals that refuse to accept “not being able to change anything”, individuals who are aware that actually change starts with them.
We are the ones who learned that all it takes for a change to occur is one Trim Tab.

“But wait, what does Trim Tab even mean?”
Before we continue our story, here is a brilliant metaphor by the equally brilliant man called Buckminster Fuller, the main inspiration behind our name, our logo, but most importantly, one of the main influences on our philosophy:

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